11 Best Places to Visit in Mumbai with Kids in 2021

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“Ugh! Why can’t they google and get to know about everything rather than asking now and then?”

My Mumbaiya friend started blabbering on our phone call as one of her acquaintances who had shifted a few days back to her city asked her about visiting places in Mumbai with kids.

I tried to make her understand the lady’s situation, but she frustrated me then.

“You don’t know her; in past weeks, she has been on my head, her questions don’t stop anywhere. Initially, every then and now, she asked just one thing: Is Mumbai good for kids? Now, what kind of question is this? She would have asked me before coming to Mumbai.”

I was listening to her quietly and thinking about the poor lady, who just wanted to know everything about the city from a relevant source, and I guess she wasn’t wrong.

No, I am not saying that Google is not a relevant source; it is indeed. But don’t forget we are in India, and our belief in real people is more than the internet, primarily when related to our kids.

Her queries were fundamental, which usually come to our mind when we visit any new city, and this curiosity increases when you are a parent.

The lady’s situation reminded me of my visits to this sparkling commercial capital of our country.

My first visit to Mumbai was back in the 90s. We went on a family holiday and were just aware of two places Essel World and Juhu Beach. With no idea of any other kid-friendly places in Mumbai, our dream of visiting Essel World, taking the mesmerizing rides, and coming back to Juhu beach to witness the beautiful sunset as well shattered due to unforeseen reasons.

Thankfully our father had already been to Mumbai twice, and he made sure to bring a smile to our faces.  With a list of the most visited place in Mumbai, we witnessed another angle of Mumbai which was not on our bucket list.

Looking at the lady’s situation and ours, I thought I should pen down my last visit to Mumbai with my kids.

Thanks to google, when I visited Mumbai with my kids almost after 20 years, I was prepared with my list of getaways to the most kid-friendly places in Mumbai.

Hopefully, this proves an excellent help to all the parents who are either planning to visit Mumbai for a vacation or just shifted and looking for places to keep kids engaged.

So If you are visiting Mumbai for a short or long trip and looking for places with attractions for children in Mumbai, here is my list of the 11 best places to visit in Mumbai with kids experienced by me.


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Elephanta Caves

Is it worth going to Elephanta caves


You may ask that Is it worth going to Elephanta caves with kids? And my answer would be a big YES. That’s why this is first on my list. Not only does the scenic beauty of these caves attract the elders, but it is equally fascinating to kids.

To reach Elephanta caves, you need first to take the boat ride from the Gateway of India, then a mini-train ride, and then walking on a path that takes you to another world of history.

These caves are beautiful and have a lot to learn. You could quickly get the ferry tickets from the Gateway of India, sit back, relax and enjoy the 11 km ferry ride while let kids enjoy the en-route view of merchant’s vessels, navy ships, and many other such views.

Opening Hours:           Tue.- Sun. (09.30 AM – 05.30 PM)

Ferry Charges:              INR 100 – 150/- for a 2-way trip

Toy Train Charges:     INR 10/- per passenger

Caves Entry Ticket:    INR 40/- per visitor (free entry for kids under the age of 15)


Essel World

places to visit in mumbai with kids

“The Most Entertaining Amusement Park” and my dream place to visit in Mumbai Essel World, this has to be on top of my list, right.

With a wide range of roller coasters, amusement rides, and whatnot, this amusement park also has attractions like the ice skating rinds, a science museum that seems to be converted from a massive ship, cricket grounds, bowling alleys, skating grounds are some of the major crowd pullers.

After learning so much about this exciting place, do you think I could ever miss the fun of visiting this fantastic place along with kids?

No, I went ahead and explored every ride of this fantastic place, which is still a talking point between my kids and me to date.

Opening Hours:          Mon.- Sun. (10.00 AM – 06.30 PM)

Entry Fees (Adults): INR 290 – 1405/- per person (height above 4’6″)

Entry Fees (Child):   INR 290 – 645/- per person (height between 3’3″ & 4’6″)

Caves Entry Ticket: INR 40/- per visitor (free entry for kids under the age of 15)


Sanjay Gandhi National Park

places to visit in mumbai with kids

If you are a Mumbaikar who has been shifted to Mumbai around lockdown and still finding a good getaway for family/kids in the coming weekends, you have a piece of good news now.

After being closed almost for 5 months, this city’s heart has opened the gate for tourists. So if you are confused and unsure where you can go in lockdown in Mumbai, this is it.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park, a fantastic display of flora and fauna within the park’s boundaries, fills your heart with life.

It provides aesthetic, historical, and cultural value as well as ecological benefits to the populous city.

Kanheri caves that have existed for almost 2400 years in history make it one of the must-visit places of Mumbai city. The main attraction of this beautiful place is its tiger safari and mini-train, which take you through the park and let you love nature.

Opening Hours:          Tue.- Sun. (07.30 AM – 06.30 PM)

Entry Fees (Adults): INR 58 – 150/- per person (approx including rides)

Entry Fees (Child):   INR 31 – 150/- per person (approx including rides)


Juhu Beach

Which is the best picnic spot in mumbai

Which is the best picnic spot in Mumbai?

Are you the one who looks for the answers to such questions regularly?

How is that possible that we are talking about Mumbai and does not mention Juhu Beach?

I do not live in Mumbai, but I am sure that if I had been, Juhu beach would have always been my place to go for a family picnic.

It might sound like a person talking from an old book, but the truth is that this beach still holds power to attract tourists and locals even after decades.

Right from the local food stalls to some fancy stuff, you can enjoy everything here. No matter what you are looking at, shopping for some random accessories, eating, playing water games, or just relaxing by looking at the sea and listen to your favorite songs.

Juhu Beach never disappoints you. That’s why I wanted my kids to feel the aura of this beautiful beach. Hence, I took them there twice.

Mornings are very energetic at Juhu beach, At any given time, you may witness health enthusiasts on their regular chores, and some are coming to fall through the fresh breeze of this unending Sea site.

At night you can come and enjoy the bliss of being in Mumbai.


Adlabs Imagica

places to visit in mumbai with kids

If you are in or nearby Mumbai and looking for the place that is best for one day trip, this is your destination.

It is one of the most visited amusement parks in Mumbai. Imagica is India’s largest themed entertainment park that comprises Amusement Park, Water Park, Snow Park, Stay & more.

After entering the world of Imagica, my kid’s first reaction was wow… I was amazed to see their faces. It was the excitement of doing everything at once.

This fantastic park has been segregated into 6 different zones, which cover the geographical location of the world and are named India, Asiana (Futuristic World), Arabia (Middle East), Jambo Africa (Africa), Americana (USA), Viva Europa (Europe).

A collection of 3 large parks( The standard theme park, Water Park, and the Snow Park) has everything to entertain you, from kids’ storytelling to electrifying laser shows to street entertainers like jugglers, flippers, and whatnot.

Opening Hours:           Theme Park:   10:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

                                            Water Park:     10:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

                                            Snow Park:      10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Entry Fees (Adults):             INR 999 – 1999/- per person

Entry Fees (Child 3-5):         INR 599 – 1999/- per person


Taraporewala Aquarium

taraporewala aquarium

Certified as India’s oldest Aquarium and located on the post-Marine drive, this Aquarium houses more than 450 species of fish around Southeast Asia. One of the oldest aquariums of India is one of the most visited places in Mumbai as well.

The Aquarium is shaped in a circular form, which means you come to the same place where you have started from. Isn’t it excited!

The Touch Pool is only for exhibition and LED lights to add beauty to every fish display tank.

Opening Hours:           Tue.- Sun. (10.00 AM – 08.00 PM)

Entry Fees (Adults):  INR 60/- per person

Entry Fees (Child):    INR 30/- per person


Haji Ali Dargah

places to visit in mumbai with kids

One of the most decent, famous, and visited places in Mumbai is Haji Ali Dargah. Every day around thousands of visitors (locals/tourists) of any religion come and take the blessings in the Dargah.

The most beautiful thing about his Dargah is its walkway and the devotees; this Dargah can be accessed only during low tides.

Yes, safety with kids has to be your priority, as the sea surrounds the Dargah and so as the walkway.

The magnificence of this tomb housing the Dargah is flawless; a beautiful courtyard is located centrally in the shrine takes you to the journey of devotion.

 Opening Hours:         Mon.- Sun. (06.00 AM – 10.00 PM)


Shree Siddhi Vinayak Mandir

places to visit in mumbai with kids

How is that possible that being in Mumbai, one does not visit Shree Siddhivinayak Temple. Located in Prabhadevi, this temple was built in 1901.

Shree Siddhivinayak Temple has many stories to tell by devotees. No word can describe the feeling of being inside the temple and taking the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

We have visited Haji Ali and Shree Siddhi Vinayak Temple on the same day. Initially, my kids were a bit upset that this particular day is dedicated to temples and Dargah. All their disappointment converted into happiness after entering the mandir.

They were amazed at Dargah and thrilled by visiting Shree Siddhi Vinayak Mandir. There are many shops inside the premises, where you can shop for some souvenirs for yourself or your loved ones.

Opening Hours:          Wed.- Mon. (05.30 AM – 9.50 PM)          


The Film City

What are the attractions for children in Mumbai

As soon as we made the plan to visit Mumbai, my kids, who are ardent fans of Bollywood actors, jumped off in excitement. Looking at their excitement, I have to add this dreamy place to my list.

As you enter the world of dreams, Film City, also known as Dadasaheb Phalke Chitranagri, makes you believe in magic, love, life, and every other emotion of life.

Spread across 520 acres, Mumbai Film City comprises 16 air-conditioned inside studios with a court, police station, hospital, helipad, a building complex, and 42 outdoor shoot locations.

We witnessed to be at the temples, churches, gardens, and other shooting locations seen only on television or in movies.

Your visit to Mumbai is not complete without experiencing the Bollywood facet. That feeling of actually being inside a Studio in action was something beyond words. We lived so many moments in just one shot.

Opening Hours:        Mon.- Sun. (10.00 AM – 05.00 PM)

Entry Fees:               INR 599/- to 6000/- per person (depends on the package you take)



kid-friendly places in mumbai

Hey! Where can I go for the weekend in Mumbai?

A colleague of mine messaged me when he was in Mumbai for some official work. After knowing his place where he can relax, chill, and party simultaneously, I instantly suggested he go to the Smaaash.

If you are a true gamer and want to indulge yourself in the gaming world, this is the place for you. Smaaash is one of the most entertaining areas spread across 1,20,000 sq ft in Lower Parel.

It presents an unparalleled range of games that offer an exceptional virtual-reality experience and combines the best of games, music, and dining into a highly immersive, interactive, and innovative entertainment experience.

Sports enthusiasts can enjoy multi-level Sky-Karting, Bowling games, play cricket, and experience much virtual reality & arcade games.

Book a personal or corporate event, go for dining or play games—a perfect go-to place for your weekends.

Opening Hours:        Mon.- Sun. (10.00 AM – 11.00 PM)


Marine Drive

Places to visit in Mumbai at night with family

I still remember the day I first visited Marine Drive years back. However, this is an iconic place in Mumbai that needs no introduction. If you are visiting Mumbai and want your children to experience the city’s natural beauty that never sleeps, take them to Marine Drive.

There is no doubt that Marine drive is one of the places to visit in Mumbai at night with family or without; the choice is yours. It’s a curved road with a coastal promenade with tetrapods lined along the entire length of the promenade.

This mesmerizing place, also known as the “Queen’s necklace,” because of the bird-eye view of the curved drive at night, looks like a necklace due to the yellow lights lined along the curve.



There is a lot that has been unfolded during my Mumbai visit with my little naughties.

With the blessings of Haji Ali and Shree Siddhivinayanak during my 2 week’s trip, we had much fun, shared knowledge, learned new things, and unfolded a lot about the city of DREAM Mumbai.

Places, the Gateway of India, Ovalekar Wadi Butterfly Garden were also on my list. Would you please wait for my future blogs to share detailed information about each place you visit with your kids?

I am sure you will. Until then, I would love to know what you think about this blog on Places that you can visit with your kids in Mumbai. In case I missed any place, do let me know. I won’t miss it during my next visit.

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