find these 21 Different Types Of Travelers- Which Type Belongs To You?

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Do travelers also have any type? If yes, then How many different types of travelers are there?

Travel and tourism are one of the main parts of any country. But do you know that these travelers or tourists are being divided into different categories?

There is a vast difference between tourists and travelers. Though in general, people refer to the words alike. A traveler is a person who travels, maybe for professional reasons, or personal, or just like that. But a tourist is a person who loves to travel for the sake of enjoying, relaxing, or exploring the places they visit.

There are many different types of travelers in the tourism industry, and every one is unique. If you see around you carefully, then you may find people always like to the places that suit their type of nature.

This blog will mention 21 different types of travelers in the tourism industry and their behavior while traveling.

Do read the blog till the end and let me know which type of traveler you are in the comment section.


The Budget-Minded Travelers

The name itself explains what kind of traveler they are. Budget freaks travelers to keep everything intact. They have everything set in their mind regarding the travel expenses. They keep everything under their budget and are ready to compromise with the traveling experience. Whether it’s food, sightseeing, or any fun activities, nothing can make them go out of their planned expenses.

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The Party Lovers Travelers

different types of travelers

That’s true, and you can find these types of travelers as well. Usually, these party lovers can be found in clubs and pubs near the bar and on a dance floor. Don’t get surprised if you find a traveler who is a party lover like you and becomes your friend just for a drink or a dance.


The History Buffs

I would instead call them the true explorer. They do not get satisfied just by visiting the place. Instead, they would try to dig the grave to know the in and out of the area as much as they could. What fascinates them is the true stories that lie behind closed doors.


The Well Planned Travelers

person who likes to travel


If you are going on a vacation and have a partner who likes to plan everything, don’t worry about the holiday. These travelers do not let any stone unfold and plan everything about the vacation that people may doubt if they would have visited the place before. Though they are not budget travelers, they can answer your queries like “How do you travel with kids on a budget?”


The Techie Travelers

The budget minded traveller

Techie traveler, just as the name sounds. Their purpose of travel is to check new gadgets that they can use. Either it’s a new camera or a headphone, from their small accessories to bug gadgets, techie travelers want to experience everything that comes new in the market.


I-know-it-all travelers

We all must have been traveled with one such traveler in life. I know it all, traveler. These type of travelers do not like to listen to others advice and always does what they want. Sometimes it’s annoying to listen to the same thing from them every hour, but if you have a travel partner who knows everything or at least boasts their knowledge of knowing everything about a place, please adjust.


The Easy-Going Travelers

These are the best type of companies one would like to travel with. The easy-going travelers get adjusted in every situation. Though one can call them lazy, as they do not plan anything and rely on others, but they are the one who doesn’t show any tantrums and takes the things as they come. This kind of travelers enjoys their journey in all aspect and do not bother about the minor problems.


The Photographers

person who likes to travel

Photographer travelers are the ones because of whom we can see the beauty of the different places. They use all the features of their camera or smartphones to bring out the best in every niche you think of visiting. You may find them a little weird as they keep clicking the pictures; sometimes, it is more than enjoying the moment they believe in capturing it. But for some, photography becomes a passion, and for some, it could be an occupation.


The Complaint Box Travelers

These travelers are among those who you cannot satisfy no matter what. Complainers have only one job to highlight the problems and mishaps. Many times, fellow travelers get offended by their behavior, but then everything can not be controlled.


The Fitness Freaks Travelers

Fitness freaks never leave a stone unturned when it comes to maintaining their health. They look for places where they can enjoy themselves without compromising their health. They choose a place where they can go for exercise and walk, even they prefer a regular healthy diet over local cuisine of any visited site. In case if you are going with such a traveler, enjoy yourself without bothering about how your fitness freak buddy reacts.


The Talkative Travelers

They do not need any company. They are enough for themselves and others. Chatters can start talking to anyone they meet on their journey. The best part of them is that they make friends too quickly, and the worst part is that they may get themselves trapped easily.


The Soul-Searchers

How do you travel with kids

These travelers are not looking for roaming around and exploring a place. They travel for their soulful experience of life. Soulful travelers believe in making themselves happy and satisfied with a trip to retreats or mountains where no one can disturb them.


The City Slickers

These are the type of travelers who typically enjoy their vacations and trips between traffic, malls, noise, and the hustle-bustle of urban lifestyle. The preferred destinations of city slickers are those where they get the opportunity to get lost in the vibrant nightlife, shopping hubs, malls, and recreational centers.

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The Backpackers

different types of travelers

What do you call a person who loves to travel?

My answer is a backpacker. These are the travelers who like to travel to new places and explore new destinations on limited budgets. Backpackers are always ready and define their necessities in one bag to carry easily and explore the world.


The Monotonous Travelers

A person who keeps doing one thing repetitively is also known as monotonous. These travelers love to travel one place again and again. They like to see the place traveled by them from thick to thin. Going with such travelers sometimes becomes frustrated as they do not want to explore a new home, instead of love to travel that one place every time.


The Shopaholic Travelers

The main aim of these travelers is nothing but shopping. No matter where they are going, they find something to shop for. These shoppers are also perfect buyers, and usually, in tourist destinations, people are looking for such travelers. Because of their avid shopping habit, their presence sometimes makes other co-traveler awkward.


The Guidebook Follower

These travelers are angels for local guides. They do not put their senses and their mind when it comes to visiting a place. They follow the direction they hire and follow them blindly. Going with them has both good and bad aspects, as they might put you into trouble cause of not giving up their thoughts before following anyone.


The Memory Builder

I like the Memory builder kind of travelers. They travel to create memories with family or group. For memory builder travelers, traveling is an opportunity to come close to family or friends. They keep everybody’s priority in mind and ensure that everyone has the best of the trip and enjoys it. Going with such a traveler is a blessing.


The Convenience-Seeker

Ugh! The convenience-seeker traveler is the one who wants everything as per their nature. They hate to compromise and like everything just the way they look for. Going with a convenience-seeker traveler is hectic for those who like to explore their trip as it comes.


The Mellow Vacationer

The Mellow traveler is the one who travels to escape from the hustle-bustle of the city. Their aim is not to roam around the city; they aim to relax inside their resort/hotel room.


The Fashionista Travelers

You must have seen travelers who are always ready from tip to toe. No matter where they are traveling to, you will find them giving some primary fashion goals.



Each traveler has a story to tell, and I am sure you have something worth sharing with us. So please go ahead and share your account in the comment box and let us know your experience with any of the kinds mentioned above of travelers.

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