11 Best wildlife Safari in India in 2021

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I was experiencing the moment at one of the best wildlife safaris in India, Kanha. When the spine-chilling moment came, and our guide said.

Ma’am- Sir, look at the end of that bushes; Tiger is coming from the lake.

Tiger! Where I can’t see it. I almost screamed in excitement when the guide asked me to keep my mum and whispered to us

Shh, Madam itni zor ke nahi bolne ka (don’t talk so loud).

He asked me to be calm as the Tiger was about to cross the pathway, where we were waiting for the most exciting moment since long.

Jeeps were waiting at both sides of the pathway; unlike us, other visitors were also eagerly waiting for Tiger. Every face was excited and thrilled to witness this most awaited moment of any Jungle Safari.

As a nature lover, I have always had this excitement to visit jungles and get lost in flora and fauna of the most peaceful yet dangerous place on this earth. I have been watching a lot about African Jungles and their wildlife and always dreamed of being there. Well, I knew it was not that easy for me to reach African jungles. Hence, I started looking for the best places to enjoy wildlife safari in India.

  • How many wildlife safaris are in India?

While looking for this answer, I was amazed that India is full of options for any Jungle lover to take a wildlife safari tour. With approx. 102 national parks, 50 tiger reserves, and 566 wildlife sanctuaries. No one can doubt the fact that India is one of the best destinations for wildlife safaris globally.

With such huge options, I understood the problem of people like me, wildlife has always been an attraction point, but we cannot choose the one for other reasons.

While recognizing this problem of choosing the best Wildlife Safari in India, I thought to put up my favorite in front of my readers to choose the best of the best.

This blog is even helpful for people who are planning to go for a Lion Safari in India and looking confused with the questions like:

  • Which is the best tiger safari in India?
  • Which state in India has the best wildlife?
  • Which is the best wildlife safari in India?

You may also refer to this blog and to learn more about the best wildlife safaris in India. Plan accordingly and take the best Wildlife safari tour in India.

Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

Best wildlife Safari in India in 2021

Spread across 1300 square kilometers, Ranthambore National Park is the biggest wildlife sanctuary in India. Tiger spotting is the main attraction of the park and quickly fetch the interest of wildlife photographers.

Apart from Tiger, you can witness Chital, Nilgai, sambhar, Sloth bears, blue bull antelope, wild boars, etc. Not only fauna, but you can also visit many different varieties of flora that enhance the beauty of this Tiger Reserve.

Ranthambore brings the best jungle safari in India to visit the Tigers; while enjoying the safari, and getting captivated by the sight of these royal cats, don’t forget to witness Monitor lizards, Indian chameleons, and Indian flying foxes that attracts wildlife photography enthusiasts in this Tiger reserve more.

Best time to visit: October to June.

Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Wildlife safari in India

Are you planning your Wildlife safari to have a spectacular vista of the Royal Bengal Tiger?

If your answer is yes, then this is the place for you. Owing to the striped cats and other fauna species, Bandhavgarh is considered the best wildlife safari in India.

Earlier, Bandhavgarh National Park was known as a hunting ground for royalties, but it has become one of India’s most visited Wildlife Sanctuary with changing times.

Though it has the highest density of Royal Bengal Tigers worldwide, tourists can also enjoy seeing other animals like Chital, Indian Bison, Chinkara, Jackals, Wild Boars, and many more.

Best time to visit: October to June.

Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

11 Best wildlife Safari in India in 2021


Established in 1936, Corbett National Park holds the title of being India’s first national park. Earlier known as Hailey National Park, in 1974, this park was established as the first Tiger Reserve under Project Tiger. Since then, tourists have congregated at this park to behold the beauty of the Bengal Tiger in its natural habitat.

Not only this, Jim Corbett is well known for being the home to various rare reptiles, birds, and mammals. Crocodiles are one of the key attractions of this national park.

Along with the Royal Bengal Tigers that lure for safari holidays in Jim Corbett, you can also witness chinkara, spotter deer, sambhar, Fishing Cats, Himalayan Tahr, Serow Goral, Barking Deer, and many other wild species that fills your heart with adventure.

Best time to visit: November to June.

Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Which is the best tiger safari in India

Spread across an area of 940 square Kilometers, Kanha National Park holds the honor of being one of the largest national parks in Madhya Pradesh. This is also a place where National Geographic’s award-winning “Land of the Tigers” was shot. Kanha National Park was admired globally for playing a vital role in saving the Barasingha from extinction. Apart from the enormous Barasingha and various species of wild dogs, a safari here also allows you to spot the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Visiting Kanha is like roaming indulging yourself in the dreamland of Rudyard Kipling’s bestseller – The Jungle Book. Kanha guarantees the best Tiger Safari in India and is a perfect place to possess vibrant wild creatures.

Best time to visit: Mid-October to June end.


Kaziranga National Park, Assam

Which is the biggest wildlife sanctuary in India?

Kaziranga National Park is amongst the most widespread wildlife sanctuaries in India. Stretched across 430 square kilometers, Kaziranga has been titled one of the famous World Heritage Sites of UNESCO.

Being home to the world’s significant population of One Horned Rhinoceros, Kaziranga is also known for the magnificent sights of Bears, Panthers, Elephants, and numerous pretty birds.

Being away from human inhabitants, wildlife in Kaziranga National Park flourishing beautifully that amazes visitors every time.

Best Time to Visit: November to the end of April.


Sunderban National Park, West Bengal

Which state in India has the best wildlife

Do you wish to see a tiger swimming in the water?

Do you wish to see the Tiger that has adopted an amphibious lifestyle?

If your answer to the above questions is yes, then the tigers in Sunderban National Park are waiting for you.

Being part of the world’s largest delta, formed by the Rivers Ganga, Brahmaputra ad the Meghna, Sunderban is one of India’s largest Tiger reserves and national parks.

Apart from Tiger, the main conversation point in Sunderban, a wildlife safari here lets you witness the sights of fascinating wildlife creatures that include rhesus monkey, chital deer, and many more.

Sunaderban National park is also acknowledged for the conservation of the Ridley Sea Turtle.

With its wide range of fauna and flora, there is no doubt why Sunderban has been listed as world heritage by UNESCO and why it is one of the best wildlife safaris in India.

Best time to visit: The park remains open the whole year. But the best time to see Tiger is October to April.


Gir National Park, Gujarat

 Lion Safari in India

Gir National Park is the home to Asiatic Lions and probably the only wildlife safari offering Lion Safari in India.

This is the land of lions, hyenas, leopards, and crocodiles. Gir National Park is one of India’s most visited national parks and is known for its incredible flora.

Being the Land of Asiatic Lions, visitors can spot Chital, Indian spotted deer, wild boars, and many other wild species.

Not only this, you will remember Gir for the sights of various birds, such as the Paradise flycatcher, the Black Shouldered Kite, the Indian Robin, the Oriental Mag Robin, etc.

Along with the Lions, the park dwells around 32 mammals, 300 birds, and 26 reptiles; Gir is bequeathed with rich biodiversity and is responsible for the increasing number of visitors in the park.

Best time to visit: December to March.


Tadoba National Park, Maharashtra

11 Best wildlife Safari in India in 2021

In the year 1955, Tadoba has Declared a National Park. Tadoba is a beautiful place to enjoy wildlife safari in India.

The inhabitants of Tadoba National Park include Tiger, Hyenas, Barking deer, Gaur, Leopards, Four Horned Antelopes, Porcupines, etc.

Apart from wildlife, Tadoba’s main attraction is a beautiful lake located within this park. The lake stands out so beautifully that it has become the major attraction of tourism here.

Best Time to Visit Tadoba National Park: October to June.

Bandipur National Park, Karnataka

How many wildlife safaris are in India

Situated in the beautiful surroundings of the famous Western Ghats on the Mysore-Ooty Highway and covers about 874.2 square kilometers, Bandipur National Park is amongst the best Jungle Safari in South India.

It is home to many tigers and animals like sambhar, chital, four-horned antelope, wild boar, jackal, panther, Malabar squirrel, the black-knapped hare, and many more.

Being the house of numerous birds like grey junglefowl, bee-eater, and blue-winged parakeet, Bandipur National Park is also ideal for birdwatching.

Visiting Bandipur is always a treat to eyes and soul.

Best Time to Visit: October and June.

Nagarhole National Park, Karnataka

best wildlife safari in india

Home to wildlife animals like tigers, leopards, sloth bears, hyena spotted deer, sambar, barking deer, four-horned antelope, wild boar, elephants, and many more, Nagarhole National Park is spread over approx 640 square kilometers is also a shelter for about 252 species of avifauna.

Known for its rich and dense forest, small streams, valleys, hills, and waterfalls, Nagarhole National Park is a must-visit jungle safari for nature lovers.

Best Time to Visit: September to May.

Hemis National Park, Laddakh

snow-leopard-Hemis National Park

Spread across 4400 square kilometers Hemis National Park, one of the highest altitude parks in the world. Home to around 16 mammals and 73 birds, the park is mainly known for its snow leopards.

Home to approximately 200 snow leopards is believed to be the highest density in any protected area. Other faunas that can be visible here include Argali, Bharal, Shapu, Asiatic ibex, etc.

If you are an ardent fan of Snowfall and wildlife, you would never miss the chance to visit Hemis National Park.

Best time to visit: May to September

Up- Shot

The above-mentioned national parks are conferred with unusual species of fauna and flora that entice visitors to holiday at these wildlife sanctuaries. Though all these parks have specified time of operation in many places, the best time to witness the Tigers is from March to May.

Thus, without waiting much, it’s time to pack your bags and enjoy the wilderness of the Indian National Parks. If I missed out on any wildlife sanctuary, please mention it in the comments. I will try to explore your suggestion.

Hey! India is the right place if a tiger sighting is a primary interest in planning your wildlife trip.

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  1. I agree national parks are occupied unusual species of fauna and flora that entice visitors to holiday at these wildlife sanctuaries. I had visited only pench wildlife safari near nagpur, would love to visit all others also when come india next time.

  2. I have been to Jim Corbett National Park many times and I simply love the area. I have to Kaziranga twice and that’s another cool park as you can see rhinos and elephants from the road too. The others are all on my wish list.

  3. I am not a big fan of wildlife sanctuary but my son is, so I want to go to all these places to show him the animals. I am sure he is going to love it. Though have been to kazairanga once and he loved it

  4. We went on wild life safari when I was young. Though I remember vaguely remember the experience but now I would love my kids to have this thrilling experience. Loved how you explained your moment of joy

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